Criminal Law
Attorney Jacob Will focuses on criminal law at both the felony and misdemeanor level. He has represented individuals with minor misdemeanor traffic offenses, including Speeding charges, Failure to Control, and other minor traffic and license violations. He has experience representing persons charged with Driving Under Suspension,  Petty Theft, Falsification, Domestic Violence, and Assault, and all other charges in municipal courts in the northeast Ohio area.

He has also represented men and women on all types of felony charges, including all degrees of Drug Possession and Trafficking charges, sex offenses including Gross Sexual Imposition, Unlawful Sexual Conduct and Rape, Felonious Assault, and Murder. Attorney Will aggressively defends his clients rights on all types of felony charges in Stark, Summit, Wayne, Tuscarawas, Carroll, and other surrounding counties.

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An OVI (commonly known as a DUI), can have serious repercussions under Ohio Law. Penalties for an OVI can include jail time, license suspensions, and substantial fines. If you are charged with an OVI, it is imperative that you have an attorney representing you at every step of the proceedings. Contact Attorney Will to further discuss the specifics of your case.

Expungements/Sealing of Record
Attorney Will has helped many clients seal their criminal records. In Ohio, an "eligible offender" can have their criminal record sealed, drastically increasing the odds of finding employment, as well as permitting individuals to file for a Concealed Carry permit. The process for Sealing a Record in Ohio can be complicated, and Attorney Will has successfully navigated the changing legislation to assist his clients in several courts in multiple counties. Contact Attorney Will to determine if you qualify to have your record sealed today.

Domestic Relations
Attorney Will effectively represents his clients in Divorce, Dissolution, and Annulment actions. In addition, he represents clients in Child Custody Complaints, Post-Decree Motions, and Contempt actions. Contact Attorney Will to schedule a consultation regarding your specific issues and concerns.